Monthly Web Design Packages FAQ.

This is a 24-month service contract, no deposit, you can cancel at any time, the cancellation fees will be calculated according to your remaining contact.

By cancelling the service, your domain name for the website will be cancelled too, you will not receive emails and your website will be offline, we cannot guarantee that the domain name will be available in the future, we will keep a copy of your website and email for 3 months only in case you want to reactivate your account.

If you are looking for a more basic option for start-up and small business, please have a look at our one-page website design package

You can transfer the domain name at any time to another hosting provider. For your website contents, as this is a 24-month contract, you only can get your website design copy if you are with us for a minimum of (8 months for standard / 10 months for ultimate / 12 months for the premium package)

If your business requires more features and customise support, please let us know about your needs so we can provide you with a specific quote and affordable package pricing.

The main reason to choose the monthly design package option is the continued support, you will concentrate on your business, and we will take care of your website contents updates, security updates, backup. Your website will be always up to date.